Our services

WIG-TIG was founded in 2020. We specialise in highly advanced welding and construction work. We deal both with the assembly of process lines made of stainless and carbon steels, and with the preparation of their components. The primary goal of our company is to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Smooth and efficient company management as well as compliance with the highest quality requirements at every stage of the production process provides you with a professional all-round service. Many years of experience and satisfaction of our clients are the best proof that we are a trustworthy business partner for you!

Installations for the food industry

With many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee the installation of food processing lines is in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP requirements. This is how we ensure food safety and proper production hygiene. Our competences in developing innovative welding installations for the food industry allow us to offer our clients an individual approach to every task they may have for us. We only employ workers who have the necessary licenses and experience in the industry.

Installations for the brewing industry

WIG-TIG offers design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of brewery facilities. We offer innovative technological solutions that reflect global trends. Every client can choose the complexity of their installation individually in order to tailor the solution to the type and nature of their business. We can convert and upgrade all the departments of your brewery depending on your needs. The facilities we manufacture allow the production of both top and bottom fermented beers (from light beers to heavy beers)

Installations for the pharmaceutical industry

We offer you comprehensive and professional advice and delivery of installations used in the pharmaceutical industry. We are aware that pharmaceutical production requires precision and high-end materials, so the installations we offer are made in compliance with European standards and regulations. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can develop optimal solutions tailored to the conditions, capabilities and requirements of a specific manufacturer. We offer, among others, the manufacture of stainless steel and acid-proof steel storage tanks, process tanks, homogenisers or mixers.

Installations for the cosmetic and chemical industries

Our company focuses primarily on comprehensive automation in the cosmetics and chemical industries. Obviously, the cosmetic industry needs new machinery, equipment and process lines to speed up cosmetics production processes, and therefore reduce production costs. In view of the above, we offer services related to both design and construction of industrial machinery, process lines, industrial automation, and any technical installations you might require. Our solutions guarantee the highest quality of products for the chemical and cosmetic industries.

Installations for fruit and vegetable processing industry

WIG-TIG also offers a broad range of industrial installations, including machinery and equipment used in the processing industry. We make both small-scale and large-scale production facilities. We can meet your expectations by offering installations for fruit and vegetable processing such as the production of juices, jams, purees, etc. Our skilled experts will design state-of-the-art and complete solutions for your production needs. All our installations are professionally designed, manufactured and installed. They can come in any shape, length and specification, depending on the needs of your company.