The origins of the business

WIG-TIG was established by combining the strengths of two brothers who operated individually in the welding industry. The elder of the brothers, Łukasz Szczęśniak, started his career in 2012 as a one-man business. At the beginning, he focused mainly on Polish and German markets. Very quickly, in 2014, he was followed by his younger brother Sebastian Szczęśniak. After 2 years of apprenticeship under the guidance of his elder brother, Sebastian launched a thriving welding business. Although in 2016, they went their separate ways, 4 years later there was a huge breakthrough and the brothers – after many years of gathering their individual experiences – joined forces and founded WIG-TIG.

Two brothers

Years of experience and many successful projects brought the two brothers together again and laid foundation for a single strong family company called WIG-TIG. Łukasz and Sebastian realised they are strongest together, and their mutual support and trust is a huge motivation for them to move forward, take on even very complicated projects and expand their business perspectives. The brothers rely on skilled and trusted workers, and strive to always provide them with adequate working conditions. They trust each other completely and, thanks to their upbringing, support each other in every area, both at work and in their private lives.

A shared passion

A shared passion for the welding industry and the assembly of stainless steel and carbon steel process lines brought the brothers together. Their mutual trust and support has made their business successful and thriving today. The collaboration of the brothers brings amazing results! The company is taking on new projects all the time, both in Europe and around the world. WIG-TIG boasts a complete team of qualified workers, which already includes around 50 people. In order to ensure good cooperation, we strive to know every employee and understand their needs.

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