About us

WIG-TIG has been thriving in the Polish and foreign markets since 2020. The company was founded on strong long-lasting experience of two brothers. From day one, our business undertook difficult and ambitious tasks. We carry out projects that require not only a great deal of knowledge, but also dedication and passion. Our installations are made from scratch to turnkey delivery. Our work starts with the development of the concept, through project preparation, the manufacture of individual components and devices, to on-site installation, making electrical and automation connections and commissioning of the installation.

A shared passion

A shared passion for the welding industry and the assembly of stainless steel and carbon steel process lines brought brothers Łukasz and Sebastian together, resulting in the foundation of WIG-TIG. The boys trust each other very much and can count on each other in every situation, both in private lives and at work. Our employees are committed, reliable and – above all – very much interested in the welding industry. Our specialised and passionate team is ready to take on the most unusual and challenging projects.

In our daily work, we focus on the high quality of our products and services. Since the satisfaction of our clients is our priority, we are not only flexible but also eager to approach every client individually. We are committed to technological development in the areas of new processes, installations and products. We want to leverage our long-lasting experience and the knowledge of our skilled employees to implement every project to the highest standards. Our installations are the measure of your company’s success!


The story began in 2012

In 2012, elder of the brothers, Łukasz Szczęśniak founded a one-man business and began his career in assembly and welding operations. At the beginning, he carried out projects in Poland, but switched mainly to Germany soon afterwards. His network of business contacts constantly brought him new challenges that allowed him to develop his skills even further.


In 2014 things only got better

Almost 2 years later, in 2014, the younger of the brothers, Sebastian Szczęśniak, followed in his brother’s footsteps. Although at the very beginning he worked for and learned from his elder brother, after 2 years he entered the welding business on his own. Unfortunately, in 2016 the brothers grew apart.


2020: a big breakthrough that changed everything

After four years, there was a huge breakthrough in 2020. After years of their various experiences and many successful projects, Łukasz and Sebastian decided to join forces. This was the beginning of WIG-TIG. They both realised they are the strongest together and that their mutual support and trust in any situation not only motivates them to work but also to expand their perspectives and gain new experience in their sector. At present, the company has a qualified personnel of about 50 workers. The brothers value skilled people very much. They trust their experience and strive to always provide them with adequate working conditions. They try to get to know each employee individually and find about their needs, so that cooperation at every stage is comfortable and convenient for both parties.


2022 until today

At present, WIG-TIG is a thriving and efficient business. The combined strength of the two brothers brings amazing results. The company constantly fulfils new orders, both in Poland and abroad. Today, we can absolutely admit that we are a reliable, responsible and trustworthy business partner.


2023 to work for you tomorrow

A single great passion for industrial welding and our experience makes us a potent business partner – we are looking forward to your call and your order.
Let’s start working together!